Artificial intelligence has reached such a level today that you can now create long and short videos using only artificial intelligence, write articles with artificial intelligence, and create visuals with the drawing ability of artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence does not stop with these parts only. He is doing very successful work in the field of software. Especially ChatGPT is one of the most advanced artificial intelligence systems in this regard.

In this article, we will explain in detail how you can make money not only by using artificial intelligence, but also how you can create passive income with artificial intelligence.

If you are wondering how to make money with artificial intelligence or how to produce content with artificial intelligence, this article is for you.

We will list 10 business ideas that you can do using artificial intelligence and make money, respectively.

1- Creating Shorts Videos with Artificial Intelligence

As you know, short videos such as Shorts on YouTube, Reels on Instagram and Tiktok have attracted a lot of attention lately.

I will tell you step by step how to create content using artificial intelligence in all languages ​​and how to make money.

So how do we create short videos with artificial intelligence?

First of all, determine a specific content topic for yourself and open social media platforms suitable for this topic.

For the logo part, you can use Midjourney or its free alternative, platform.

Then, get content ideas related to the topic you choose via ChatGPT. To give an example, “The Poorest Countries in the World”.

Then, prepare a text for this content using ChatGPT. To do this, all you have to do is ask ChatGPT, “Can you write me an article on this subject?”

Yes, our accounts, logo and first content are ready now.

Now we need to create visuals and voice-overs for this video. Of course, we will prepare this using only artificial intelligence.

Give our text to ChatGPT again and tell it that we will create a short video and ask it to write the prompt for the images we will need for this short video.

ChatGPT will give you the necessary prompts to create the images you will use in your video. You can then create the necessary visuals for your video by giving these prompts to platforms such as Dall-E, Midjourney and

Our final stage is voice-over! There are many sites on the internet for this purpose. If you give the text of your video to any of them, it will create a voiced version for you.

That’s it. We prepared everything from the logo to the content, from the visuals to the voice-over of the accounts we opened from scratch using only artificial intelligence.

Now all you have to do is turn these text, visuals and voice-overs created by artificial intelligence into a video using a simple video editing program such as CapCut and share them by adding automatic subtitles.

You can share a video you have made on Instagram, YouTube and TikTok, or even prepare the same video in many different languages ​​with artificial intelligence and earn thousands of dollars with the views you get.

All you have to do is keep it up regularly and consistently.

2- Article Writing with Artificial Intelligence

As you know, artificial intelligence can now do many different jobs, but undoubtedly one of the areas where it is most successful is copywriting. Especially ChatGPT is one of the most successful artificial intelligence in this regard.

In fact, his knowledge not only about copywriting but also about all subjects makes him a very successful content producer.

So how can we make money by writing articles with artificial intelligence?

First of all, let’s discuss this issue under two main headings.

A) Article Sales/Writing
B) Website Content Production

A) There are many different webmaster forums on the Internet and many different article writers make money in these forums.

First of all, you need to register to these forums and access the advertisements shared by the website owners there.

Site owners are looking for paid article writers. In this way, you can make money by producing articles for others through artificial intelligence and selling these articles.

As you can see, it is that easy to sell articles and make money just by using artificial intelligence.

B) If you are thinking that I am selling these articles and what do those who pay me earn from this, you have made a very good point. Site owners who buy these articles from you add them to their own websites and earn lifetime income from these articles.

How Does? Very simple. First of all, you need to set up a website. There is a lot of content on this subject, especially on YouTube. You can create a website for yourself by following that content.

What you need to do next is simple. You will fill this website with articles created by artificial intelligence. After a certain time, visitors will start coming to your articles. Congratulations! You are now the owner of a website that receives visitors every day. You can now earn money by placing ads on your website from platforms such as Google Adsense.

Moreover, since this is a type of passive income, you will be able to earn money even while sleeping at night.

3) Designing with Artificial Intelligence

Many businesses now have social media accounts. These businesses are looking for graphic designers to handle their social media accounts. You can also find such job postings in many different forums.

What you need to do is very simple. With Canva, one of the most successful platforms in the world in this regard, you can produce content with many ready-made templates and artificial intelligence support.

First of all, you need to get a job from forums or job posting sites. For example, you got the social media management job of a company operating in the construction industry.

The first thing you need to do is to explain this situation to ChatGPT and get a content idea from it. Then, with these content ideas you receive, you can go to Canva and create many different social media content and share these contents.

You don’t have to manage just one social media account. If you make an agreement with 10 such businesses on a monthly payment basis, you can earn very high amounts of money every month.

4- Creating YouTube Video with Artificial Intelligence

In our first article, we explained how to create short videos with artificial intelligence. Now I will explain how to create long videos that will help you earn more money.

First of all, choose a topic for yourself and open a YouTube channel on this topic. Since I mentioned the details of this part in the first article, I will go through this quickly.

Now, to go through an example, let’s say you will produce story content. First, go to ChatGPT and ask him to create a horror story.

Then, voice this horror story you got from there using one of the artificial intelligence voice-over tools. But my suggestion here is to use a humanoid voice. You can use for this process.

Afterwards, download a horror-related background video from YouTube. Then add your voice-over under this background video via CapCut. Finally, you can add background music related to your topic.

That’s it, the video is ready. Afterwards, you can create a cover image for your YouTube video on Canva. Now all you have to do is share the content and do it regularly. Now you are ready to make money.

5- Making Money by Making Software with Artificial Intelligence

ChatGPT is one of the most successful artificial intelligence that can convert the software you describe into code. You can use this useful feature to earn money.

So how do we make money by writing code with artificial intelligence?

In fact, the logic here is quite similar to article writing. Again, you have 2 options. You will either make software directly to order, or you will produce a software with your own idea and sell it.

Let me explain to you how you should produce and sell with an example. In our example, we will write a program that will enable our computer to shut down automatically.

First, you go to ChatGPT and tell it that you want to create software. Then you explain to him the working logic of the software.

Write me a code that will first ask the user when he wants the computer to be shut down. Then, according to this information received from the user, it sets the computer to shut down automatically. That’s all there is to it.

Afterwards, ChatGPT will send you the ready-made software code that will perform this process. All you have to do is sell and market this software through forums or advertising sites.

I showed something very simple as an example, but you can diversify this topic, produce many software and earn good money by selling them.

6- Making Money by Writing Stories with Artificial Intelligence

Some website owners buy children’s books or stories. The main reason for doing these is to increase the number of content.

So how do we make money by writing stories with artificial intelligence?

Our biggest helper in this article will again be ChatGPT. We will get help from him in writing a story. But first, let’s look at what steps we should take.

First, we must find ourselves customers. We need to reach people who want to buy stories or have stories written by doing research on the internet. Two different factors play a role here. Or a customer who directly wants a story written on a specific subject. Or a client who wants a story written, regardless of the subject.

Considering that we have received a job that is the most difficult and has certain conditions, let’s look at how to do it.

Let’s say the customer wants a 2000-word story about the experiences of a child who goes fishing at the lake on the weekend, for ages 8-12.

First of all, we go to ChatGPT and we ask the customer to write a story as he requested from us. If a short story comes out here, you can ask him to write the rest again.

Then, we check this story ourselves and make some additions and deletions to make it ready for delivery. We then deliver this story to the customer and receive our payment.

Using this method, you can get many different jobs and earn money this way.

7-Making Money by Creating Influencers with Artificial Intelligence

Do you have many ideas for producing content on social media, but don’t want to show your face? This article is just for you.

You can create a video by giving the text of the content in the language you want to anyone you want via the website.

For example, you want to create an influencer that produces content on cosmetic products.

With this website, you choose a character who describes cosmetic products. Then you create your first video. To give another example, you create a content called “Top 10 Perfumes for Women”.

With this artificial intelligence platform, you can describe products with someone else’s face without showing your own face and share this content on the social media accounts you have created.

After reaching a certain number of followers, brands that produce cosmetic products will definitely reach you and want to cooperate with you. In this way, you can collaborate and earn money without using your face and voice.

It’s just an idea. You can create many more ideas with your own creativity and create your own virtual influencer.

8-Making Money by Writing Books with Artificial Intelligence

All the business models we have explained so far have created certain ideas in your mind. In this article, we will transform the story writing part that we mentioned in our previous articles into a passive income generation model.

So how do we make money by writing books with artificial intelligence?

First, choose an age group for yourself. For our example, let’s choose the 8-12 age group again. Then choose a child character for yourself and give it a name. Let’s call it “x”.

Now is the time to work on artificial intelligence. We go to ChatGPT and tell it to generate 10 story ideas for our character x.

Afterwards, we give him these 10 story ideas created by ChatGPT and tell him to write 10 different stories for us. That’s it. ChatGPT wrote 10 different stories for us, specific to the age group and character we wanted.

Then, we give each story one by one and ask the person to write a visual prompt that will be created for this book and that these stories will be a book.

We create images for our book by giving these prompts to artificial intelligence visual creation tools.

Then we turn these stories and images into a single book. After this stage, you can sell this book on the internet either as an e-book. If you want, you can produce it physically and sell it on e-commerce platforms.

After producing and selling dozens of books in this way, all you have to do is sit back and spend the money you earn as your book is sold.

9-Making Money by Creating a Website with Artificial Intelligence

The artificial intelligence we will use in this article is Leia. Thanks to this artificial intelligence, you can open a website by simply telling what kind of website you want to create.

So how do we make money by opening a website with artificial intelligence?

In fact, the system here is very simple and the things you need to do are very simple. As we explained in the design article, we will work for small businesses in this article.

So how will this happen?

First of all, we need to find customers who want to have a website built through advertising sites. All you have to do is choose one among many different businesses and thousands of advertisements around the world.

To explain it again with an example, let’s assume that we have received a website job for the construction industry, as in the social media example.

It is enough to enter the features of this brand on the Leia website to create a website. Afterwards, our website is ready. Additionally, we can enrich this website with visual creation tools and then deliver it to our customers.

With this method, you can easily earn money by getting business from customers who want to create a website for their business.

10- Brand Building with Artificial Intelligence

Yes, until our last point, I told you about business ideas in different sectors. I’m sure some of those reading this article may have asked why we don’t all do these business ideas together. We will discuss this issue in our last article.

If you noticed, since the beginning of our article, we have created a logo, written an article, made a voice-over, created a visual, created a video, created social media content, created a website and even made software with artificial intelligence.

Now I will explain how we can create a brand by combining all of these. First of all, choose a sector for yourself.

Stage 1: Creating Brand Identity

At this stage, we determine the name, logo, colors and slogan of our brand.

Stage 2: At this stage, we open all social media platforms of our brand.

Phase 3: Release!

Yes, we can now create short videos for our brand using artificial intelligence and publish them on social media platforms.

Afterwards, we can create a website for our brand with artificial intelligence and publish the content we produce with artificial intelligence on this website.

We can create content with artificial intelligence to be shared on social media platforms.

As you can see, thanks to artificial intelligence that is fully integrated into our lives, we can do many different jobs, or create a brand for ourselves by doing all of these together.

I tried to tell you these in this content. If this content was useful for you, do not forget to share your thoughts and ideas with us in the comments!

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