AI has almost completely entered our lives recently. There is now nothing we cannot do through ai. In this article, we will explain how to scan faces with ai, or more precisely, how to find all photos of a person on the internet with one click.

With the development of ai, companies have started to develop ai services that will benefit many services. The website that is the subject of this article can handle a job that would normally take hours with a single click.

How to use?

First, Login to the Site by Clicking on the Link Below

Click to access the site

Then, upload one or more photos of yourself or the person you want to scan from the “Upload Photo” section.

At this point, if you upload more than one photo, you can do a more comprehensive research. However, I tested it and a photo also works.

You can start the scanning process by granting the necessary permissions and then pressing the “Start Search” button.

If we need to explain the “Safe Search” and “Deep Search” buttons that appear on this button;

Safe Search: Allows you to search safely, that is, blocking images that may cause problems

Deep Search: This feature allows a more detailed search than normal search, but it can only be used in paid packages.

Additionally, we should point out that you can only make 10 calls for free. Paid after 10 calls.

That’s it. Then, the website scans the face of the person in the photo within seconds and displays all the photos of that person on the internet.

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